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Collette Nabyonga
Ultimate Owner Feature

We all know that an essential step in any development process is finding the..

Collette Nabyonga
What's New?

If you haven't been watching closely, you may have missed the many updates..

What Came Out Of The Planning System: Hack?

Last weekend we held our hackathon, in partnership with Future Cities..

Geotech Could be as Big as Fintech

 Alongside some of the other companies that sit with us in the Ordnance..

Open-Data Revolution Meets Planning

Guest post from our series on Property Futures, by Yeonhwa Lee at Urban..

The Public Land Map Discussion

We held an online event earlier in the week with the Community Land Advisory..

5 Open Datasets for a Better Built Environment

We usually leave town planning and new developments to the professionals and..

What is the Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygon Dataset and Why Should I Care?

Official information about land ownership is crucial when searching for a..

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