Planning System Hack on 2nd December

21st October 2016

On 2-4 December, Land Insight is hosting a new innovation event 'Planning System Hack'.

Join us for a weekend of problem solving using planning applications. Come along to meet people, explore solutions that use planning applications that have a real impact or just because you are interested in the way that data is changing the built environment professions. The event is run in partnership with Future Cities Catapult and is a not-for-profit event.

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Planning applications are far too hard to access but the data they contain is a treasure trove of information that dictates how and why an area will develop. There is no better crystal ball in to the future than planning applications. They help understand how your house price will change, what you will see outside your front door, how air quality will change in an area, whether you be able to get to work faster, if a new school is coming to an area, how the socio-economics of a place will change and far more beyond these simple examples.

We have gone to great lengths to extract the data from the source, aggregate it, clean it, standardise it, map it and make it availabe from one single, easy-to-use location: our API.

We use the data to help property developers understand the history of a potential development opportunity and it's surroundings. This lets our users understand council precdents, what use a site is designated for, whether there are risks attached to the site, if there are any stalled or failed sites they can bid on, and so they can see comparable projects which indicate what you might be able to achieve on it. But there is far more potential from the data.

Our company alone cannot extract all of this value from this data, so we are holding a hackathon to encourage innovative solutions to be made.


Who is the event for?

This event is for problem solvers whether they work in the built environment professions, are keen to meet people with an interest in improving the planning system, or if they just want access to a brand new dataset with over 10 million records containing multiple uses across many sectors.

If you have ever thought that planning applications can help you or your work, this event is for you! If you ever wanted to have first mover advantage on a brand new dataset, this is for you! If you want to help tackle social and environmental problems, this event is definately for you!



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