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What is the Land Registry INSPIRE Index Polygon Dataset and Why Should I Care?


Official information about land ownership is crucial when searching for a suitable plot of land. That's where the Land Registry comes in.

In September, the Land Registry released open data relating to boundaries of freehold land and property. This is what is known as the INSPIRE Index polygon data.

The map below shows what this index data (in red) looks like when overlaid on-top of Open Street Map data (in green).


Land boundaries in Hackney, London Land Registry land boundaries overlaid on-top of Open Street Map data. Region is Hackney, London.


This open data provides valuable information that we never had access to before. The Land Registry will be releasing a free tool so anyone can search a map to identify registered and unregistered land. Let's hope the all the data behind the free tool will be available as open data.

Update (17/01/2014 ):
Unfortunately due to license restrictions by Ordnance Survey, the Land Registry INSPIRE data is not truly open. This means it would be too costly to pay royalties to Ordnance Survey for a free website, so Land Wiki cannot use this data. Some details are available on the INSPIRE FAQ page. We'll be campaigning to get Ordnance Survey to change their license.

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