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Land Insight ready for lift off


Of the 250 businesses that applied, only 5 were selected to participate in Europe’s first property technology accelerator, Pi Labs. We were really pleased to be accepted and now we’re over the moon to announce that we're the first to receive follow on funding. The funding allows us to grow our business faster, as well as having access to a wealth of experience with our investors having made early stage investments in Zoopla, Lovefilm and, recently, eMoov among many others.

Our company is tackling one of fundamental problems holding back the UK housing market: transparency of land information. It is simply too hard to find and assess land with the potential for housing and this slows down development. So we built Land Insight, which provides easy access to land and property data as well as providing a suite of features to extract the value. Currently, the data we use is spread all around the web, locked up in silos; it is difficult to extract and interpret. We use cutting edge technology to aggregate it, making sense of the patterns we find within it and serving it up in a way that anyone can understand.

The result is the ability to assess any piece of land for its viability for housing; the ability to locate new sites and, ultimately, create competitive advantage and huge business efficiencies.

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