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LandInsight Goes Nationwide


Who Owns The Land

Alongside going nationwide with our product this month, we have also introduced a new £50/month pricing tier. Now anyone can access un-precedented levels of land ownership transparency, served up through our easy to use interface. Give up on using clunky interfaces and annoying payment methods - get instant access to free ownership records on our map now.

There are a couple of important details to note. First of all, by "nationwide" we mean England and Wales. The second important point to note about our nationwide data is that we have not included planning applications. Planning applications are a core part of our product and we will be releasing these in stages across England and Wales over the coming months.

So, what can you do with additional land ownership transparency? As the image shows, you can now see who owns what land in an area. Among other benefits for land finding this allows you to:

  • Easily see the boundaries of a site without buying site plans
  • Spot problem boundaries and ransom strips
  • See who has an interest in a site before buying title deeds
  • Get a good idea of the density of an area and where more could be added
  • View all of the council owned land in your area
  • Spot where companies are potentially land banking

Our new pricing tier allows use in England and Wales for only £50. Other than the planning applications, this includes all data, tools, features, mapping - like Ordnance Survey's Mastermap - and the "sites" area, in which you can save all the places you like the look of. These features work together to streamline your land finding and assessment process.

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