Planning Applications – fast, mapped, linked to official docs

Before Land Insight, planning applications were time consuming to get at. Held in clunky council websites, you were left having to navigate to the right place then search a slow system. What a waste of time!

There was no way to collect the ones you wanted, so you could see them together on a map. Cross-referencing them against the data you really want to see? Nah.

Yet contained within planning applications are nuggets of gold for those who want to develop a piece of land. Uses include: seeing the designated use of a site, visualising where development is happening, understanding local planning precedents, finding stalled applications and rejected ones with room for improvement. There are many ways they can provide new business opportunities to opportunistic developers.

So we fixed the planning application problem.

We enable cross-boundary, fast, easy access to planning applications back to 1997, mapped and linked to their full official documents.

See for yourself:

We have got huge improvements coming to this part of our product soon. HUGE. I can’t wait to tell you about it. It’s important.

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The Future of Property

Here at Land Insight we find ourselves lucky to be part of the UK’s blossoming property technology – “proptech” – industry… some say the “proptech revolution”. In these early days, it’s difficult to predict the extent of how far the dial will shift, but one thing is for sure: the movement is being driven by talented, dynamic, determined people who see an opportunity to make a big impact.

This series of guest blog articles is written by the founders and forces of some the hottest proptech companies. Jump in to take a look or download in the link below:

Download Articles: The Future of Property An Insiders View