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We’ve just set-up a new blog to collect stories about land near you that is under-utilised and could be changed.

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Read stories about these pieces of land.

Everyone can identify with bits of land like this. Usually there is a story why land has been abandoned. It’s easy to blame the land-owner and forget about it. We want to help people take some action as a community and change land for their own benefit.

We’re inspired to hear stories such as the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden. Once that site was derelict railway land. Now it’s a garden with a cafe and pavilion.

If you’ve got a story about some land near you, please tell us on the blog.

Which councils support custom build?

One of the goals of Land Wiki is to support custom build. Finding an appropriate plot of land is the first stumbling block for custom builders. Councils are the natural first point of contact for people, so what are they doing to help?

Councils in England are required to provide a local plan that addresses the needs of local people, including those wishing to build their own homes. It’s part of the National Planning Policy Framework.

According to Eric Pickles, “There are over 50 councils supporting self-builders”.

Map of self build projects and council support from NaSBA
Map of self build projects and council support from NaSBA. View original report (pdf).

50 councils represents about 1 in 8 councils in the UK. The map above is from NaSBA’s August 2013 self build progress report. It shows the custom/self build “friendly” councils. We’re trying to get the data behind the map.

Which councils are supporting custom build and which ones are failing? We’ve started an open spreadsheet listing councils that support custom build. By measuring council support we can track progress.

There are 3 ways in which we’re identifying support:

  1. A custom build policy is in the local plan.
  2. Sites (or parts of larger sites) are allocated in the local plan for custom build.
  3. Custom build information is provided on the council website.

View the open spreadsheet of council custom build support

Is your local council supporting custom build? Please contribute to the spreadsheet by checking your council local plan and see if they are addressing the needs of custom build groups.

At Land Wiki we’re going to be doing more with information in local plans. Stay up to date by following us on Twitter. Get involved by contacting us.

Further reading for councils