Ultimate Owner Feature

We all know that an essential step in any development process is finding the site owner’s details to then contact them. We should all also know that this isn’t always as simple as it seems, especially if you have to go through several companies to get to the actual owner.

So what’s the answer? LandInsight’s new Ultimate Owner feature.

What is the Ultimate Owner feature?

It is a significant enhancement to our existing ownership search feature as it allows you to save time and quickly access valuable information about both the ultimate owner of a site, and all the child companies (subsidiaries) associated with it.

The ultimate owner and child companies are displayed in a simple yet intuitive way for you to then further assess the full nationwide portfolio of any given company.

How does the feature work?

Our engineers have developed an algorithm that enables us to derive and visualise company tree information from the data available on Companies House. As it currently stands, you would have to conduct a vast number of searches to get the information needed, collate the information into a spreadsheet plus speak with a number of different people to complement your information. Even then, you are not able to gain the same level of ownership understanding that you gain with LandInsight’s Ultimate Owner in seconds.

What does this mean for me?

If you find your time valuable and don’t like wasting it, Ultimate Owner changes everything.

The Ultimate Owner feature is your key to unlocking a full understanding of who exactly a company is and where their interests are. If you’re an agent thinking about, or already are, representing a company on one site you can quickly find their other sites and potentially represent them on those too. For developers, your value is through instant portfolio assessment. If you know a company is planning on divesting its interests, for example, finding out what else they own could quickly form into the discovery of several off-market opportunities from a motivated seller.

Keeping an eye out on your competition is of particular importance for anyone. Using this feature you can choose between a snapshot or a more in-depth view of where your competitors operate, what their plans are and quickly make more informed decisions about your next opportunity.

How do I access it?

We’re glad you asked. For everyone on the unlimited plan, the Ultimate Owner feature is available through the ownership layer on the right and then the search panel on the left.

For those who are not on the unlimited plan, don’t worry as we are currently offering free trials for Ultimate Owner and other powerful tools. Contact us and we will give you immediate access.

You can reach our team on 0203 086 7855 or you can email us at info@landinsight.io.

What’s New?

If you haven’t been watching closely, you may have missed the many updates that we’ve made to the product over the past month or so.

As the month comes to an end, we thought it would be good to shamelessly brag quickly rundown of some of what we’ve done.

Save Searches

We started with some tweaks to how you can save your searches to your Sites Area.




We released this after some feedback from our users who wanted a closer examination of the sites that show up in the search results. We created a quick and easy way for you to do this.

Radius Tool

Then was the good old radius tool.

Many different users requested this for various different use cases. We have a lot of plans to make this even more powerful so please do keep letting us know your suggestions.

Sites Area

Now this one was major! Launching this has been one of the most exciting times for the company.


You can see all the tutorials here but get in touch if you would like a personal demonstration of this and the full product features.

Our product team worked closely with our existing users and our in-house experts to create something that fulfils essential workflow functions while having an intuitive interface. Overall, this section is all about streamlining your workflow and increasing efficiency so you can focus on the important things – building more houses!

Watch this space for more great things to come!

How was #RESI2017?

Brilliant, is the short answer.

It was great meeting everyone and being able to showcase the many updates to the LandInsight product. We launched our new sites area, which is a deal management section of our product, and our £/sq ft calculator, all presented at RESI.

You can see the tutorials for the deal management section, by clicking here. If you’d like a full product demonstration, get in touch.

On the Day

Our stand was constantly flowing with people requesting personal demonstrations, trials of our product and just to catch up with us.

There was even some traffic with people trying to beat the high score on our VR…

All in all, it was a great event and we’re excited about all the new relationships created as well as catching up with some old faces.

Congratulations are in order for Jim Atkinson who won on our VR at the end of the two-day conference.

Some After-thoughts

The talking points throughout the two days were about solving the housing crisis, of course, what the lessons were from the awful tragedy of Grenfell Tower, as well as some discussion on the technological disruptors of the industry.

The common theme we’re finding remains that there is still a general fear of big data and technology in the property industry while there are some new developments from the likes of Google and Amazon. As homelessness is something that we are constantly talking about, we’re impressed that Amazon is committed to lending a hand where they can by building a family shelter within its Seattle HQ.

We’ll keep talking about the much-needed encouragement for people to build more. A way that this can be done quickly is through innovation and that’s what LandInsight is all about. Take a look at our mention in the Business Insider, for just that.

While the team recovers from all that d̶r̶i̶n̶k̶i̶n̶g̶  networking, stay tuned for more exciting things to come…


Planning Feature Update

We realise it is time-consuming to access planning information if you’re relying on those clunky Council websites. This is why we created our planning map in early 2016.

Following user feedback, we have added a powerful new way to search, filter and be alerted on planning applications, helping you work smarter and faster.

Planning Search

Sharpen your gaze on the market. The search you enter produces results based on exactly what you’re looking for.

Create Alerts

Track all planning applications, of relevance to you, submitted or changing in a defined area. Use the bell to create an alert for any updates in the selected area. You’re now able to create a boundary, allowing you to filter out the noise and focus on the area you’re interested in (you can also easily turn them off).

Search History

Easily switch between types of the data you see. Click back to a previous search and you can set up an alert or delete items from your search history.

Do I actually need this?

In short, yes.

The long answer is still yes but here’s why. Having access to the planning search & alerts feature has a number of benefits. This includes, but is not limited to, keep up to date with market changes, understand the council’s thinking about certain types of development, keep track of your competitors, assess local demand and quickly learn about areas you’re unfamiliar with.

Here’s an example: with planning application alerts, you can set it up to only receive notifications of, say, “20 units or more”, “rejected”, “Hackney” “Camden” “Leyton”. This would show you all planning applications for residentials schemes that include more than 20 units that don’t get approved in these areas. Why do you need this? You can try and spot an opportunity to potentially add value to the application. A seller might be more motivated to accept less from a future deal to move faster meaning you can do more with the site. If you have a particular area that interests you for development, by studying the reasons behind rejected applications you can gain an idea of what the market requires.

Equally, with approved applications, you can gain insight into the likely outcome of the project you’re planning. If you start comparing this with our sold prices, you get an idea of the liquidity of the market.

How can I get this?

If you’re on the starter plan, you’re missing out so reach out to us to upgrade. For pro plan users, you have access to planning applications but you won’t be able to conduct any of the filtered searches or set up the alerts. Again, reach out to us to upgrade. For unlimited plan users, well you have everything including this 😀

Not a customer? Join in on the fun. Give us a call on 0203 086 7855.